Problem setting default launcher after KitKat update

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S4' started by mapz99, May 5, 2014.

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    Nova launcher prime
    Samsung galaxy s4

    Received kitkat update.
    Installed no problems.
    Did a battery pull after installation.

    Tried to set nova prime as default home in phone settings but wouldn't take. Set it using nova app, seemed to set. Shows nova prime set as default home in default apps, but if you go back to look, it's gone again.

    Every time I turn on my phone, when I swipe the lock screen, I get a prompt to select a launcher. I always choose nova and always.

    Still I always get the prompt after turning on my phone.

    Any suggestions or fixes. All apps are up to date.

    Sent from my SG 4 using Droid Forums ( Verizon - KitKat)

    Sent from my SG 4 using Droid Forums ( Verizon - KitKat)
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