Problem: S5 G900L has not SMS Delivery Report!

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S5 Discussions' started by T_N, May 25, 2014.

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    May 25, 2014
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    Hi Sirs,

    Recently I have bought a Samsung S5 mobile phone (G900L).
    I have a problem with SMS Delivery report. Unfortunately I don't receive delivery report for SMS, so I do not know whether the message has reached to destination or not, and it is unpleasant...
    Also I installed Handcent app (because of it's internal delivery report) but it didn't work too. (Instead of the "Green check mark" means of delivery, it only shows a hourglass)

    Also I tried to find a ROM, perhaps the problem be solved, but all ROMs are for F model (G900F) and don't work on L model.

    Can any one help me and explain why this problem occurred in the latest Samsung phone!!?

    Thanks all.
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