Problem restoring contacts - some from backup assistant, some from google sync

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    Last week I started receiving multiple copies of the same text message, but not from everyone and not all the time. (like at 5pm on one day and 5am the next morning, woke me up and scared me).

    Called Verizon, tried a number of things. They said it wasn't on THEIR side (though looking at the forums tells me differently), so after trying a number of things on MY side, they had me do a factory reset, which I figured was safe because even though I am not consistent in how I store my contacts (some verizon and some google), I figured everything was backed up properly.

    Well, not really.
    Lots of my contact information is not there. For example, if I originally put the contact in as a verizon contact and updated it as a google contact, I think it's the google information that is missing (eg., I added info to an old contact using the "custom" label -- all that is gone, also some of the photos associated with contacts, but not in all cases.)

    Is there any way I can get this back? Otherwise I am starting from scratch with many of my contacts. (As I write this it becomes clear that it is unlikely...)

    I am set up to sync from google, but when I look at my google contacts online, those additions are not there. Nor are they in verizonwireless/backupassistant.
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