[Problem] Droid 3 rebooting when screen goes off

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 3' started by fabio536, Oct 1, 2013.

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    Hi dudes,
    have this strange problem on my droid 3 (I just bought it with this problem).
    Every time the screen goes off it reboots.It doesn't happen only when I'm on a JB based rom.I.e,with cm10.1 the Phone works perfectly!But I need Camera functionality,so I could not use it as daily driver!
    I tried 6-7 roms gingerbread-based, the steeldroid 5.6(Ics based)and CM9.also stock rom (5.6.890, 5.7.906 and 5.8.25) reboot.
    It's not wifi related (it reboots even with wifi off),it's not gsm related (it reboot even in airplane mode),it's not governor related(It reboot set in performance,hotplug,badass,ondemand,userspace...), it's not cpu related(it reboots even if I set Cpu to stay always to the max),it's not account related(it reboots even before setting the account).
    It's not Internal storage/SD related,I formatted them with no results.
    It's not app related..it reboot even if I lock the device during the starting wizard with no apps installed
    It doesn't reboot when I plug it in Pc but it reboots when it's plugged into the charger..
    Help please..I'm going crazy!!
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