Problem- Barnacle tether and Sirius wireless radio

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    I rooted my Droid and installed the Barnacle Wireless tether. I purchased a Srius TTR1 internet radio. The radio has a network wizard and it will detect the barnacle network but won't connect automatically. After contacting the Barnacle developer, It was determined that I could connect manually if I had the necessary information. Two pieces of information that I can not determine are the Primary and Secondary DNS IP address of my provider, which is Verizon. Does anyone know the Primary and Secondary DNS IP address of Verizon? I could find that information if I had the Android Debug Bridge installed on my phone, but I do not. If anyone has the ADB installed, could they run the command 'adb shell getprop net.dns1' and 'adb shell getprop net.dns2'. Those commands will reveal the Primary and Secondary DNS IP addresses. If anyone has any other suggestions, I would love to hear them.
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