Pricegraber Android App now available

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    Pricegraber Android App now available

    Posted on Tuesday, Jul 6, 2010 by Phil Nickinson


    If you're the wheelin' and dealin' type, know that Pricegrabber [Market link | App Brain] now has an official Android application. With it you can:

    • [​IMG]Scan barcodes: Scan any product with a bar code and the PriceGrabber app will search its extensive product catalog for the best price from thousands of retailers.
    • Search, browse and compare products: Search by product name, UPC, manufacturer's part number, most popular items and more.
    • Read product and expert reviews: Read unbiased product reviews from millions of users and experts.
    • Receive the BottomLinePrice┬«: Calculate a product's BottomLinePrice┬« that includes shipping and taxes through the GPS in the mobile device or manually entering a postal code.
    • Buy: Click directly on the merchant's Website to make a purchase.
    • Get the best deal: Find the best deal in PriceGrabber's extensive product catalog with prices that update throughout the day.
    • Create a "favorites list": Save products of interest and come back at another time.
    • Access the Gift Shaker: Receive gift suggestions based on category and price.
    That about sums that up. So check ye olde credit balance, and get to price grabbin'.
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