Preorder Dragon Touch Y88X PLUS Kids Tablet

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    HI All,

    Dragon Touch Y88X PLUS Kids Tablet is online, you can preorder now with a discount price ($64.99) @tabletexpress.Delivery time is around July 15th.It is a wonderful tablet for your kids.

    Bullet point:

    1. Kidoz pre installed, which support over 30 languages, every kid can explore in the world of games, video clips, paintings under the kid-safe browser. A full version is pre loaded and waiting for your experience.
    2. With Kidoz, every kid get his own customized content, profile and account settings created by mom or dad. As new content updates all the time, kids always get new and interesting things.
    3. Pre loaded Disney authorized game apps add to the fun of playing. The classic Disney 10 audio ebooks are entertaining and educational. You’ll find a quiet kid immersed in the stories.
    4. The 178-degree wide angle view IPS screen presents sharp and clear content for kids. It’s more comfortable to view the pictures. With 1GB RAM and Android 5.1 OS, kids can play themselves without any complaints about lagging.
    5. The special designed silicone case protect your kids’ tablet from accidental drop, scratches, dust, etc. The intricate stand, kids could enjoy the fun without holding the tablet.


    A world of movies, games and stories and more!

    Disney authorized game apps & audio Ebooks: The classic games Planes: Fire & Rescue, Inside Out Storybook Deluxe, Big Hero 6: Bay Max Blast entertains your kids while audio Ebooks are both educational and interesting.

    Over 40,000 pre-approved video clips and free content from YouTube, kids never get bored.

    New content all the time: Kids get new content daily and personalized on usage history.

    Kid-safe cyber environment

    Kidoz featured 7 layers of safe settings for kids: Parents could help setting so that kids are in safe Internet environment. Content filtering, real time blocking system, time limit settings, together with a kid-safe browser, nothing inappropriate will appear before your kids.

    Encouraging creativity

    Front camera & rear camera: Every kids like to explore and create. The kid-friendly camera is easy to use.

    Paintings: Free style drawing tools help kids unleash creativity and paint down his or her imagination.

    Enhanced version:

    Android 5.1: unlike android 4.4, Lollipop presents brand new design. It also improves energy efficiency.

    1GB RAM: Faster app loading and multitasking, smooth gaming experience, less complaining from kids.

    IPS Screen: Crisp and sharp display with wide view angle, more eye-pleasing for kids.

    Durable case w/ stand: newly designed case, exclusively for kids’ Y88X Plus tablets. Durable and convenient at the same time.