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    Will apps that are already installed that you would typically have to download, like gmail, maps, etc update when market releases them, or do they only update when a new version of SS is installed?

    I tried going into /system/apps and deleting the apps I really would rather have downloaded myself (yea sorta anal i know) using the root explorer and it worked fine....when i reboot...apps were gone.

    But then when I tried reinstalling the apps using the market, the app force closed (youtube specifically - haven't tried any others yet). But when I move the youtube.apk (not exact name) from the /data/app folder to /system/app folder, it

    I dont get it -- I only know enough to hurt myself. :motdroidhoriz: This isn't an issue w/ the ROM , its definately something I did my stupid self (I think)

    OG Droid
    SS 5.4 - Patch #1 (unthemed)

    Oh and this Rom kicks ass btw (coming from UD 3.3) ty dev
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