Powered converter for Netflix finally came . . .

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    So far the HDMI micro to HDMI cable mirrors the Charge's screen for Photos or streaming Netflix to a TV with HDMI in and works great.
    But since many TV's like in hotels and motels still have TV's with no HDMI in . . . most have only with the red, white and yellow RCA in or S-Video in type connections.
    I bought what is called an HDMI (and AC powered) converter for $43 that changes the digital signal to analog for RCA and S-video type TV's.
    But I found that this unit "DOES NOT WORK" with the Charge. It works for an HDMI out of a laptop so I'm keeping it for now as many of the newer laptops now only come with HDMI out instead of those round TV monitor out connection that I use a non powered cable that converts that output to RCA's so I could watch Sling box on a full sized tv screen or stream Netflix the same way off my laptops,
    "IT MAY WORK" after the Charge gets the Gingerbread OS upgrade like the Thunderbolt just got but the Thunderbolt does not have a Micro HDMI out like the Charge has so even if someone has a converter like I have now a Thunderbolt owner can't test it out anyway.
    These "powered" converters work well, but seems they can't convert the Charges signal yet!
    If anyone buys one off Amazon the price fluctuates weekly between $43 and $55 each week, so just hold off a few days if you are looking to use one with a new laptop to stream Netflix to a full screen TV and hopefully from the Charge after the Gingerbread update.
    Maybe someone who is using the Gingerbread hack and has one of these powered converters that they are using with Apple TV and can report back to us if it works with the Charge and Gingerbread?
    Either way, most of these converters are made by "Portta" check them out at: Portta--HDMI Cable HDMI Switch HDMI Splitter
    They are sold by like 5 Amazon re-sellers.

    WHATEVER YOU DO . . . "DO NOT" purchase one of these powered converters from a re-seller named . . . "Electronics Pro". I just had a bad experience in that he does not list where he is shipping out of like all the other places do (the rest ship from CA, NY, NJ etc. His feedback was 96% because he ships out of "HONG KONG" which takes several weeks. I should have believed his negative feedback BEFORE I purchased. There were several other complaints where people were stuck sending the unit back to "Hong Kong at their expense!
    Lastly, he sends item by registered mail, which he does not mention either or I would have shipped to my office. It tracks from Hong Kong and then switches over to UPS over then over to U.S. mail (two of the worst delivery services in the world are now working together) and then USPS then leaves a slip at your house to sign which then took them another 3 days for them to deliver.
    Always beware of buying from an Amazon re-seller, I've had nothing but grief with most of them.
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