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Discussion in 'Samsung Droid Charge' started by chrstdvd, Nov 3, 2011.

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    My screen continues to dim shortly after I have turned the power on to do something. I cycle thru my screen brightness control from off to Automatic (third click). This is where I generally keep it set. I can barley see the screen in this mode and when I click it for the 4th time (off) there is no difference. On my D2 from Auto to off there is a large difference.

    Am I missing a setting somewhere? I have been to Settings > Display > brightness several times and tried every combination of that and the widget that I can. Same results.

    I have deleted the Widget and checked auto and get the same result as being in auto on the widget.

    If I turn off the auto and use the slider it is fine until I go out side.

    The power control on auto does fine if I go out in bright light, but shortly after coming into the house, I can not see the screen.

    Thanks for any guidance.
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