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    $3.50 on the Gear App Store.
    What is your definition of a launcher? Mine is that it changes not only the ability to add/take away app placement on the home screen but the ability to change their location, quantity, customize things, such as the clock, and have its own app drawer.
    The asking price for this one might seem steep until one digs into it deeper and sees how it's a game changer for smartwatches.
    Want notification badges? They're there. Want to see how much time before you need to charge your watch? Capable. Want to add between 0 and 13 apps to your home screen (clock)? You guessed it, it's there. Want dual or single clock? With or without seconds, leading zero and/or am pm that I'd you don't like the 30+ color choices you can use a custom rgb scale? Numerous date/day options, customize or remove the text above the time. An app drawer with single a-z or z-a, through a 4x4 grid (also a-z or z-a). Ripple effect is possible to get a visual animation when you touch things, blue for single tap or green when double tapped. Very battery friendly without having to wait a few seconds when woken for the current view to catch up to the last used ,ie no incorrect time when first awakened method like many cpu saving faces do. Many settings within the app also go beyond what Samsung settings offer for battery saving techniques, such as ability to change the wake to as little as 1 second for a quick peak at the time without the wrist twist motion sensor being on, thus battery savings and no anything wake when you are watching a movie in the dark. You can also change the way the brightness settings are vs the stock with just a quick double tap of the battery meter icon. Want your watch kinda dim but want to have auto bright also? Double tap to enable auto , double tap again to disable (or vice versa) or have a bright and dim setting using the same gesture.
    All of this plus more in a package heavily supported development team devoted to pushing the limitations of Tizen and standalone capability.
    Here's a couple of screen shots[​IMG]
    App drawer in 4x4
    Because of Tizen limitations there's a slight learning curve as seen here in just 2 menu spots
    when new to get the most from its single and double tap functionality but in the apps description is a bunch of links to YouTube videos where they show how to set it up and get the most from it.
    It took me a few days to get it set like I like and learn things but if I can anyone can really enjoy new found capability and fun in their Gear S and from what I understand it's already next generation ready.

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    Seems to me an efficient app. Now I am using Samsung Gear S but I am thinking about switching to upcoming Modular smart watch. So Is it going to run on Modular smart watch too?
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