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    We did this for the D1 to help troubleshoot issues, identify the keyboard change (flat vs. raised), etc. Let's add a little more info.

    Build Date: (##/##)
    (remove cover, remove battery, it's the third number, on the left, that looks like 28/11. 28 is the week, 11 is the year. the 28th week of 2011 is the 3rd week of July.)
    Battery Life: (Before full drain [4hrs+, 8hrs+, 12hrs+, 18hrs+, 30hrs+])
    Battery Mode: (Maximum, Night Saver, Performance, Custom)
    Battery Type: (Extended/OEM)
    Screen Settings: (Manual [supply %], Auto)
    SD Card: (Yes/No)
    Settings: (BT, WiFi, CDMA, Global, other)
    Typical Usage: (Listed in order of "priority" [Calls, browsing, email, games, movies, etc.])
    Widget Usage: (Basic [non-feeds, function only], Limited [maybe 1-2 feed-type widgets], Full Featured [a widget on every screen])
    Other Info: (Task Killers, Virus Apps, other apps that might run in the background)

    My Info:
    Build Date: 28/11
    Battery Life: 8-12hrs
    Battery Mode: Performance
    Battery Type: OEM
    Screen Settings: Auto
    SD Card: Yes
    Settings: BT, WiFi, CDMA Only, GPS, Push-Sync
    Typical Usage: Browsing, Streaming, Email, Games, Calls
    Widget Usage: Basic (FB, Pandora, Power Control)
    Other Info: Nothing is running other than what is already installed on the phone. I have about 85+ apps installed.

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    Cecil County MD
    Build Date: 26/11
    Battery Life: 8-12hrs
    Battery Mode: Performance
    Battery Type: extended
    Screen Settings: Auto
    SD Card: Yes/16GB
    Settings: CDMA Only, Sync, WiFi sometimes but not much
    Typical Usage: Browsing, Email, Games, Texting
    Widget Usage: Fancy Widget, Power Widget and a few others
    Other Info: Launcher Pro+,3D Gallery from D1, Updated Market
    Activation Date: 7/8/11