Portable USB Cable for Droid: Use as a Keychain or Lanyard!

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    So I was reading about all the potential uses of having an Android phone, and the two most useful secondary functions in my opinion is tethering and using the phone as a portable flash drive. Both of these usages require you to carry around the USB cable (I tether via USB because my phone isn't rooted). But the standard cable is too cumbersome to carry around, so I found a solution:

    A smartcable


    I'm surprised this is not manufactured for the Droid in the US, but this HTC Desire smartcable here in the UK works perfectly with the Droid (bought it and tried it). It's girth is the size of an average thumb and it's length is half of that of an average thumb. Very portable, convenient, and nice-looking. I'm attaching it to my keychain.

    If you guys do buy this, be sure to switch it to USB Data mode for it to work! I forgot to do that and I had to mess around with it for 30 minutes.
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