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    I worked on this port for future upcoming MOAR port. Check out my MOAR Port here


    This is bare bones stock rooted deodex from freeza build I've only ported to Verizon. I have been undecided on if I should release or not. I decided its a very stable leak and its what it is. Stock with premium suite. All goes without saying I'm not responsible for anything you do to your phone if it explodes or just doesn't turn on your in full control of your own stuff.
    Link can be found here MC3 Leak Portv1.1.3.zip | by NeWCuLTKiNG for Galaxy S 3_VZW
    All sprint apk have been removed but one wouldn't boot without SprintSyncMLSvc.apk Verizon SyncMLSvc.apk caused lockup on setupwizard

    Update to MD4 on the way very soon
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