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poor battery with pb2.2 ...assuming

Discussion in 'Droid X Hacks' started by jeff5347, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. jeff5347

    jeff5347 New Member

    Jul 27, 2011
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    Ok so i installed Powerboost 2.2 this afternoon and my battery is dropping faster than a anchor.
    The stats on the phone are DX running .605 with Vortex RC1. Ive had this rom running for about 1 week now. After the install i wiped the batt stats and recal'd. Previous i was running Liberty V3, Vortex wasn't as good on Bat life as Liberty but not horrible.
    So this morning i installed PB2.2 and before i di i speedtested my 3g signal.
    ping was around 200 now 420ms, DL was around 3-400kbps now 620, UL was around 300kbps now 366.. so not bad a little better.
    What my problen is is the i recharged the battery and after disconnecting i have lost 25% in 1 hour from minimal use. My wifi seems worse than before and the whole UI seems stuck in mud.. just a lot less responsive.
    Batt usage is as of now display 39%
    voice calls 20%
    andy os 15%
    mobi.mgeek.tunnybrowser 9%
    market 5%
    speed test 3%
    wifi 3%
    cell standby 3%
    media 3%
    andy sys 2%

    Is the display using to much, i have it set top auto and i have the governor set to Conservative after the PB2.2 instal but was performance before the install and still battery was better than now.

    I haven't read anything on ppl not liking the PB2.2 or saying it eats the battery. The install went thru with no problems so im at a loss why the batt stinks now.