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    We have recently developed an app - Poll-o-mania. . This is our 1st app and we have developed it under the name Droid-Bros.

    Poll-o-mania is an application where you can create groups(or request to join other groups) and start polls in the group. Once you start a poll, just sit back and relax. You will get a notification when the poll expires along with the result. Then you also have the option of PUBLISHING the result of your poll to other members of the group. You can also customize your notification settings. like sound, lights, update frequency check etc.

    Screenshot_2012-10-02-11-54-04.png Screenshot_2012-10-02-11-56-09.png Screenshot_2012-10-02-12-03-01.png


    You you will get notifications for the following :

    • when someone has requested to join your group. you can either accept or deny it.
    • when someone has polled in your group.
    • when one of your poll expires.
    • when you have a PUBLISHED answer in your group.
    • when your request to join other groups has been accepted or denied

    To test you can join a group called rockers.

    Please review the app. Thanks and keep polling :)