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    The Widget for Android to call the Italian Police in an emergency.
    The Widget for your Android phone to call the Italian Police in an emergency.

    available here

    With a few simple clicks Place the Widget on the home of your android phone and in case of an emergency with a single click you can call the Italian police (113).
    And 'ideal for those from other countries come to Italy for business or pleasure.
    Occupies Very little space (less than 400kb)
    Installation instructions:
    - Download "Widgets Italy Call Police"
    - Press the menu button on your Android phone / or hold press and hold the screen
    - Select Widgets
    - Scroll down to find Widgets Police Call Italy
    - Select and hold the home place it on your android phone.
    Use instructions:
    - Just press the start button and the call to the police (113)
    Rules of Use:
    Attention the widget is to be used only in case of necessity.
    Purchased you assume any liability for improper use of the widget (to be used only to call the police in case of real necessity).
    The developers accept any liability arising from the use of the widget.

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