PLS HELP! z2 android Urgent!

Discussion in 'Android Smart Phones Forum' started by DanAndroidFan225, Feb 7, 2016.

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    Hello, I have a sony xperia z2 and I accidentally dropped it. The screen is broken and I cannot see anything on it except random lines. It turns on because I can hear the sound. The camera works too because the camera button works and I can hear it taking pictures.

    I want to access the phone but whenever I plug it in to my pc, it comes blank but I could do it before it broke and access my files because I would have to unlock the phone and select the option to let the PC open files.
    I need to get my files and pictures back, how can I do this? PLS Help
    If you can help I'll send £10 through paypal, pls help

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    Welcome to the forum Dan!
    While we appreciate the offer of payment for helping you resolve your problem, it would be against forum rules to exchange money in this manner. Our forum is comprised of members helping members and we do this simply because we enjoy helping other smartphone enthusiasts.
    As for your particular problem, have you downloaded the correct driver to your PC before connecting your Z2? Drivers - Developer World if so and that still didn't work, try connecting to another usb port and/or try another cable.
    If that doesn't work you may have to take it to your carrier to see if they can extract the files. Unfortunately we see this problem all too often. If your device isn't set up to regularly save photos & files to the cloud, there isn't much one can do outside of having the screen replaced first. Most devices require usb debugging to be activated before transferring files, and/or require you to choose "how" your device is connected: as a media device, camera, etc. Without the ability to chose these options on your Z2, there isn't much you can do.
    Hang in there and hopefully one of our members who are more knowledgeable with Sony Xperia devices can offer some assistance.
    Good luck!

    S5 tap'n