Please Help. SD Card Issue

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR Support' started by awriternot, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Help! I've had to reboot a few times the last couple of days & when I do, my SD notification says "checking SD card for errors", as it always does....but for the last few days, its staying there a REALLY long time.....a few times I even had to reboot again to get it to go away (see screen shot below).

    Is this a bad sign? Also a few times my screen has randomly gone black. I have to hit the power button & it shows back up, locked.

    Does this SD card thing happen to anyone else? Is this a known issue? I've even cleared my cache. This current screen shot has had the notification on for several minutes already. I can however, still access all files.

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    How full is the SD card?? I ask because it may be corrupt and you my need to switch it.

    With the phone on, go into storage and unmount the SD card, eject it from the device.. now look at it. Are the gold contacts oxidized? Try gently rubbing over the gold contacts LIGHTLY with a pencil eraser...

    Now carefully re-insert the card.. push it gently until you feel it lock (spring loaded) into place..

    It will automatically remount..

    Go into manage apps.. go into your "my gallery" clear data and force stop it.. it will take your pics a few moments to catch up...see if this helps..

    Remember.. be gentle with the sdcard...
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