PLEASE HELP! Phone won't sleep

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by yxant, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Apologies because there is probably a millions hits out there for this search but I can't do a real extensive one (work), and I like a hands on approach. Anyways phone at full charge last night and I decide to leave it off charger all night til this morning. Woke up, phone at 15%, knew something was wrong checked to see what running % I was at since charge and it was about 97%. So obviously a software prob been running ChevyNo1's SS 4.8 since it dropped with his ulv 1.0 kernel and been damn near flawless on my droid until now. I had the blue ss theme and I just switched to y0rks blue theme yesterday (love it) and recently installed atk froyo (just for widget). Any guidance would be greatly appreciated but I'm thinking its the theme (if that's possible?) as it was installed yesterday but I just want to be sure and know what kind of options I have rather than an uninstall. Is there something I should be looking for out of the ordinary in running services? I really don't wanna be guessing and checking all day if I can avoid it, lol. Thanks!
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