Please help me pete bugless beast problem! !!!

Discussion in 'Bugless' started by Droid_dude86, Jun 22, 2011.

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    I just decided to switch back bugless beast 6.2.1 with a theme but before I downloaded the theme I backed the rom up with clockwork mod but when the backup is finished and I reboot it won't boot past the boot image it doesn't look like its boot looping and what I mean is it doesn't stop and restart it just looks like its still loading. The only way to get the rom to boot up is to go back into recovery and wipe data and cache. This has never happened to me before and I've been flashing roms since I got my droid this has me frustrated. I have the rom setup the same as the last time I had it and it didn't do this. Its setup like this b.b v.6.2.1 Chevy ultra low voltage 1.2ghz kernel clocked @ 800mhz with launcher pro and the stock launcher uninstalled. I wish I wouldn't have deleted my old recovery image of this. PLEASE HELP. I also restored my apps with titanium backup but I didn't restore app data or system data.