Please help - Flashing screen- Facebook widget

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by JCalderon24, Apr 8, 2010.

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    I am really hoping I can get some help here - am bout to cry :( - I placed the facebook WIDGET - not shortcut - onto one of my home screens and it was fine last night - Then this morning my screen started flashing on and off - The phone does not turn off - just the screen flashes and you are unable to touch/navigate anywhere on the phone. I realised it was my facebook widget that was having issues. I managed to call myself from another phone and while the call was running I went to the home screen and deleted the widget and everything was fine after. So I waited until now to re-do the facebook widget to put it back on my homescreen - ( I know - I suck for that one) and now I am having the same issue again only this time I cannot get to the widget quick enough to delete it. I have powered my phone off several times, taken the battery out etc - and it is not helping - PLease someone help me! I need my DROID!!
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