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    Im thinking of starting over with my phone I had BBV1.0 NEXTHEME. I want to either do the same or since I been starting to mess with all this adding one by one maybe even try to get photoshop going here soon and learn some on my own. but anyways my ? is.

    Should I try BBv1.0 stock and work from there I dont use any home but sweeter home 2 these days so the others mean nothing to me anyways.
    or should I hold out till BBv1.1 then go with one of the themes they have and work from there.

    Give opinions and why you would go this way or that. thanks I value each and everyone's opinion, I have tried other roms and I find petes to be the fastest for me so I been sticking with them so please dont suggest other roms. Only one Zeusdroid I found close to his speed wise is too buggy and I dont want sence on here anyways i have it on my incredible and used it for about 20 minutes to check out there widigets since I cant use them with sweeter home I dont want them :). since there widgets are so large would be great to put them each on there own springboard but oh well.