Please define "low voltage" (a quick look at source code)

Discussion in 'Droid Mod' started by banderbe, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I've looked at the DroidMod kernel source on, as well as the source for AdamZ's kernel(s).

    What is interesting is that in the low voltage section of Adam's mpu rate table definition he uses 0x62 as the voltage for 1200 mHz. That is, he's using 1.825 volts. The technical reference manual says the max Vcore for the Cortex A8 is 1.8 volts.

    Now, the DroidMod kernel source uses 0x4F or 1.5875 volts for the same 1200 mHz clock speed.

    Am I missing something? It seems like Adam's kernel is using a lot more voltage, to the point of pushing the TRM voltage limit.
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