Playing music via Bluetooth on Toyota Touch & Go

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    I have had my HTC Desire Z for a couple of years and love the Android System.

    Having recently changed my car to a Toyota which comes with Toyota Touch & Go I have found that whilst my HTC pairs no problem via the Bluetooth when playing music I do not have song titles or album art on my Toyota screen. Apparently, Toyota in their wisdom has geared their system for iphones, ipods etc. so that they are all plug and play and display album art and titles with no problems.

    My husband tells me that I need an iphone emulator so that the car's system will display the song titles. As you can imagine it is impossible to scroll through music on my Android phone whilst driving.

    My husband hates anything Apple and we think that there must be someone out there who has created an app to overcome this problem with the Toyota system.

    Any advice or information would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks.

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