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    I'd like to get some feedback for Planetventure. I'm making some more updates for it soon. Please tell what you think about it, so I can consider it for the update. Here's some info about it...

    In Planetventure you play as Fred and his job is to discover species on abandoned planets in an apocalyptic universe. He collects artifacts he finds on the planets to solve puzzles and platform to reach new species and artifacts. There is only a hand full of people left in the universe, so Fred’s adventure is mostly a lonely one. He does meat one person on his adventure though. This person’s Scruffy the store owner. Scruffy store sells adventurer’s specialty items like new space ships and space suits. Unfortunately Fred never meats his boss in person. His boss says his name is U. N. Owen. Owen’s organization has been trying to recover humanity for hundreds of years.

    • Solve puzzles to discover new species and artifacts
    • Customizable keyboard and touchscreen controls
    • Story with full voice acting
    • Explore free roam worlds
    • Works in both landscape and portrait view
    • Buy ships and costumes in Scruffy's shop using "Space Acorns" (NO in-app purchases)

    Store Links: Google Play and Amazon App Store

    Demos: Amazon and Google Play
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    A demo for Planetventure has just been made for Amazon and Google Play
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