pl3x rom v 1.3.1 by billygalbreath

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    Pretty new rom, with tons of features :). Built off cyanogenmod 5.0.7 source, but has been modified tons by billygalbreath.


    ---- 1.3.1
    * Fixed SU Permissions Issues
    * Fixed LWP Force Close Issues on Clean Installs
    * Optimized CPU Scaling Options Backend
    * Optimized Block Ads Settings Menu Option Backend
    * Optimized BootAnimation Settings Menu Option Backend
    * Optimized Camera Sounds Settings Menu Option Backend

    ---- 1.3.0
    * Changed Notification Bar and Date/Clock text to white
    * Added Smoked Glass Theme as default
    * Added Option for Boot Animation On/Off in Settings Menu
    * Added Option for Camera/Video Shutter Sound in Settings Menu
    * Added Option for Block Ads in Settings Menu

    ---- 1.2.1
    * Added LWP Custom Colors to Settings.apk LWP Menu
    * Added Custom Colors Support to LiveWallpapers.apk

    ---- 1.2.0
    * Added Native Dynamic OverClocking Capabilities
    * Fixed FC problem with LWP Settings Menu

    ---- 1.1.0
    * Added YouTube.apk with HQ mode enabled by default (thanks simms22)
    * Added Glow image customization to LiveWallpapers.apk
    * Added Pulse image customization to LiveWallpapers.apk
    * Added LiveWallpapers Settings Menu to Settings.apk
    * LiveWallpapers.apk now uses the user values in Settings.apk for custom image locations (still uses default images if no customs set or found)
    * LiveWallpapers.apk default images updated to Pl3x "theme"
    * Added the missing default ringtone OGGs (DroidInvasion & Droid)

    ---- 1.0.1
    * Added sysro & sysrw scripts (thanks to Blackdroid)
    * Fixed LiveWallpapers.apk to look for custom image /system/media/nexus.jpg to prevent LWP crashes/blank screen on boot
    * Fixed LiveWalpapers.apk to use the default pyramids image if no custom image is found
    * Fixed longer ERI text and extended to 25 characters
    * Fixed default wallpapers to not be black screen

    ---- 1.0.0
    * Added Settings.apk "Pl3x Rom" menu stub for future use
    * Added default static Pl3x wallpaper to Launcher2.apk
    * Added all default Google AOSP static wallpapers to Launcher2.apk
    * Removed all cyanogenmod wallpapers from Launcher2.apk
    * Added longer ERI text in framework for user ERI hacks
    * Added "use yer own background" capability to LiveWalpapers.apk
    * Pulled LiveWallpapers.apk source from Google's AOSP
    * Fixed Video Camera FC on save error by changing to m4v in build.prop
    * Pulled Camera.apk source from Blackdroid's UDNE 1.2.5
    * Initial sync with Cyanogenmod 5.0.7 via github (thanks to Cyanogen and Koush)

    Download on the pl3x forums

    Get ready to flex your pl3x!

    Join us in our irc channel #pl3x on freenode!
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    Just flashed. Runs amazing. Thanks billy