Pixel Art Clock Widget Feeds You Your Time in Blocky Goodness

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    A pretty unique clock widget has just hit the Android market. Its name is Pixel Art Clock Widget and its name describes it all. Adding the widget to your homescreen will give you a unique looking clock made in the popular form of art that originated in the digital age. You can change the color of the text and add pre-drawn ornaments to the clock, but options are otherwise scarce. Still, it’s worth a quick download if you’re a pixel art fan.

    Pixel Art Clock Widget is a widget for your Android home screen.​

    * You can change color (10 total)
    * Decorate with illustrations
    * 24h/12h mode
    Long press on any empty space on your home screen. Click on the widget menu then select Pixel Art Clock widget, this will place your widget on your Android home screen.