Pirates of the Caribbean v1.5.1

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    Pirates of the Caribbean v1.5.1
    Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
    Overview:Take your social gaming to a completely new level with Pirates of the Caribbean!
    Master of the Seas is the first mobile game to combine deep story and brilliant graphics with compelling social gameplay. Become a pirate as you create your ship, build your crew, and embark on quests wrapped around the lore from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe.


    • Invite friends to join your crew, the bigger your crew the stronger you are!
    • Battle other pirates to gain rewards and increase your standing.
    • Buy cannons, weapons, amulets, and equipment to upgrade your ship.
    • Explore exotic islands, buy properties, and complete quests to earn gold and experience.

    Only the savviest pirates know when to plunder rivals, engage friends, and chart a course to become a legend — The Master of the Seas!

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