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    Thinking about how we use social media, what actually serves as a good source of information and news? Does anyone actually read even 1% of their Tweets? I know I don’t. For me, it’s Pinterest, the place where you pin things of interest that you come across, onto your various boards. If you haven’t yet used Pinterest, try it. It’s good.

    Ok, so most people are using Facebook for keeping in touch with their friends and family, starting arguments, and posting badly spelt memes. Pictures of cats with captions written in some kind of Pidgin English e.g. “I iz de kitteh” really really annoy me. What is the point of it? If cats could speak, surely they’d go to school and do it properly. Occasionally I do find something worth reading, but it’s rare.

    So, that’s Facebook pretty much off my radar when it comes to wasting time and relaxing. I run a couple of community groups, so do have to go on there for those, but otherwise I hate the experience.

    As for Twitter, I’ve got an account, somewhere, but I never go on Twitter and actually read anything. I’ll post things from time to time, just to make an appearance, but that’s all I do with it.

    Google+ is my go to for news, interesting articles, and generally informed and well written prose. Caturdays and memes are starting to make an appearance, but I can quickly uncircle the people who post them.

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    Pinterest is a fun way to discover new foods and vistas.