Photos Displayed in an Incorrect Order

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    Razer Phone 2017
    I'm currently using the original Razer Phone (2017) on Android 8.1.0

    This is a very bizarre question, but it's too long to type in Yahoo answers, so I came here. Basically, I finally decided to completely organize my gallery of about 2,000 photos. I moved everything into a specific folder, for whatever it is (i.e, things like memes, family photos, etc) well, when I did this, it completely changed the order that the photos appear in when I'm sending them to someone (i.e Discord, SMS, etc) Before, when I would want to send a picture to someone, I'd click the little photo button thing, and it'd show all my pictures in order of when they were downloaded, but after putting them into folders, it shows them in order of when they were moved. I would like to get them back to display in chronological order.

    I use the default Photos app, along with a generic Gallery app from APKNite: "Simple Gallery: Photo Manager & Editor"

    Thank you.