Phones that use Magnetic or Reed switch for docking.

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    This is my first post so I hope you understand, like in 2 1/2 men.
    Anyway, I heard that certain phones use magnets to turn on docking mode.

    I am curious to know which phone models they are.
    Could someone list the ones that you know.

    I'm kind of working backwards I guess. I have this docking or mounting station that magnetically couples the phone's case to the docking station.
    So far I mainly used the Infiniapps docking station in my house, but I could see myself using it in the car too.
    Now if I could get a phone to do certain things if the magnetism somehow triggered a feature that would be pretty cool.
    For instance, I want to setup the phone to turn on internet music via bluetooth everytime I set the phone on the docking station.
    Or, I want the phone to go into like an entertainment mode like a universal remote that can turn on multiple devices at once.

    I can see myself as the superhero who comes home from a long tough day and sets the phone down on the docking station and the phone turns on my ipad via bluetooth and tunes into FilmOn.TV and then sends the audio to the home theater system by bluetooth and then turns on the powerswitch on the massage chair and I haven't gotten much further on this yet...

    Thanks in advance.
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