Phone wipes itself on reboot

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    I have Droid 1 with Verizon. I was thinking of going from CM recovery to RZR recovery, so I made a backup with CM just for the heck of it, then installed RZR, then made a backup with RZR, just to have the two different types of backups with my same phone state. I also went into RZR options and "Disabled OTA update".

    When I booted back up, antivirus when nuts scanning what I assume is the RZR backup files on the SD card. It was scanning soooo much that the phone rebooted. This happened again, so I pulled the battery and took the SD Card out, and put it in my computer and deleted the RZR backup.

    I booted up my phone, and antivirus was still scanning stuff on my SD card, so I went into Manage Applications and force closed it as soon as I could. Then I went into Titanium Backup and "froze" antivirus. Then I decided this was too annoying, and I like the antivirus software and don't want to have to turn it off, so I figured I'd stick with CM. So I went into ROM Manager, and re-flashed CM recovery, wiped my phone a few times, restored the CM backup I made, and booted up.

    This is where the problem got REALLY bad. I noticed a lot of my applications were missing, and stuff was force closing. I could not figure out why. Finally, I went into CM and wiped and did a new install of my ROM (UD 2.5). It boots up OK, but when I reboot it after the first boot, lots of programs keep force closing, and anything I install on the first boot is gone. Additionally, all other data, like any call logs or anything else I did during the first round are gone.

    The phone just resets itself, and I can't figure out why! As a test, I wiped it and did a clean install of BBv2.6.1 and Stock 2.2 odexed, and I have the same problem in each of those.

    I don't know if I messed up the hardware somehow, or if I ****ed up some important piece of firmware that remains even after a phone wipe or what, but my phone is having a lot of trouble!

    Please please help me!!!
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    You should have never installed the anti virus software. After that, where you went wrong was assuming.

    Do a factory data reset and then restore your last working backup, this should get you fixed right up.

    good luck
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