phone wifi when connected makes router (zyxel p-660w-T1 V3) crash after some seconds

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    Hello all!!

    I have been searching all of ther place even used the "famous" google.
    Well i´m not havng any luck at all.

    I have a samsung galaxy ace that i bought 1 or 2 months ago. I came home and wanted to test my phone by connecting it to the internet at home. It works totally fine at school, or at any other place. I had a diferent router before and it worked very well.

    Now i can´t connect, my phone connects but then after some seconds my router just crashes and auto reboots . This happens some seconds later, i have disabled my firewall , my wds security to AES.
    I have seen that some people have been using a diferent phone with the same issue, but they changed to channel from 6 to 11 and then back to 6.

    I went to my router configuration and experimented by changing my channel (was on channel 1 "default" ) first to 6 then i tried 11 , then i went down like 5 4 2 . I noticed some diference in the time my router holds before crashing with my phone connected to the internet. i can do anything i want in the internet on my phone except that my router keeps crashing.

    Channel 1 did like 15 seconds on for me,
    after i tried 6 max i tried was 1 minute
    then 11, didnt work at all
    5 4 and 2 were pratically the same has the 1,

    PS: does this have to do with the 802.11g/n kinda thing, cuz in my router there is a option to switch from both to only g and to only n. does this matter? (its on default "mixed")

    i really dont know what to do anymore, what should i do?

    Thanks for reading,
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