Phone vs. Tablet vs....both?

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by Larcen26, May 3, 2012.

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    I recently have been having major problems with my Droid 2 Global. The biggest of which is when I answer the phone, the touchscreen works, but the earpiece and microphone don't so noone can hear me and I can't hear them. Rebooting or removing the battery fixes it, but it happens again after another few calls. (The only solution I can find anywhere to this is "Remove the battery and everything will be fine!" But that will be little consolation when I am bleeding in a ditch and 911 can't hear me. I am planning on doing a factory reset shortly to see what happens.)

    So in my frustration I began to wonder if maybe phones are just getting to complicated to use as *gasp* phones...and if I should just look into getting a basic texting phone and then a small tablet for my internet/app uses.

    My girlfriend has a basic phone and an iPad (only uses it on WiFi) and she loves it, but I just can't justify a tablet for myself when I already have a smartphone.

    Also, I know that one of the simplest respnses is "Buy a REALLY GOOD smartphone" but money is an issue, as it is for just about everybody, so that has to be taken into account.

    Af course there are tons of issues to consider but I was looking for people's thoughts on this as sort of a philosophical discussion...
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    Well if money is an issue, then I would go against getting a tablet. However, if you're willing to sacrifice a smartphone to get a tablet then you could go that route.

    I personally would just stick to a smartphone. Tablets aren't cheap either, you could buy a newer used phone for the same price. Plus if you're getting a tablet it's mostly a wifi only version, what if you're somewhere that has no wifi connection, then what? I personally have both and I always keep my tablet at home for surfing the web or bring it with my when I travel and tether to it as it's wifi only. I can tell you though, I can NEVER go back to a regular phone, it just isn't an option for me anymore. I'd sacrifice other things before giving up my Nexus or future smartphone. I'm someone that needs to be connected almost 24/7 and the power of a smartphone gives that to me.
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