Phone Rooted then Hard Bricked Replaced Motherboard

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S3' started by phil72, Feb 18, 2014.

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    My s3 has been sitting for awhile due to hard brick & I had an s4 to use, it was rooted & when I went to backup something it just went dead no response from anything.
    I had the motherboard replaced today and the phone worked with the wifi at home and everything was working till we inserted the sim card, everything works but the actual calling, texting etc as it say's it doesn't recognize any sim card in the phone!?
    The phone was with Rogers (Canada) when I had it before it was hard bricked but the guy put a Bell motherboard in it, we tried the Bell, & Virgin (same thing) sim & nothing also had it unlocked by professional and still doesn't recognize any sim card tried.
    Is it possible that it will still work on Rogers as it's the original carrier or am I missing something, not totally educated with Android hardware etc so info would be great. Thanks Phil
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