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    Everything was fine until restart nothing..and hour ago..i was wanna check my email..and when i click on icon its not open..its say proces stop working,,the same story with the market..and i did restrt to my phone..and its start on restart mode...bootloader....i pysch everything not work..i take of battery and restart///and nothing...the same story internet working..but allot program dont wanna open...any idea what the problem is..or i need to do hard reset to the phone...or i need go to Verizon store.,,,And i have a extended batery 2750///Thanks for any help.:happy::hail:

    Just did a factory reset..3 or 4 times and nothing..all program is here..but its not work..some working some not..
    internet futures work..bunch another program no,,,,any help..or idea//

    Today i went to the VZ store and talk to the lady..she dont now nothing about phone..i spent like 5 min to explain to her..she go somwhere and come back after 30 sec..and she told me,,they will send me another phone to Monday i will have a new one..and lets see if its work...,,,So interestnig the internet is working..text and stock email app working..but yahoo email..Handsent not work market not work...and alot another program just crash and after im doing restart my phone go to Boot menu and i must to chose what i want to do..,,and just for last hour he did 3 restart ,,,and i must pull battery to turn on lets see...
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