Phone is showing message "You have no calenders"

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by cnugs127, Apr 20, 2011.

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    I tried doing a search through the forum but couldn't find anything on this issue so I thought I'd reach out for some assistance.

    Basically I can't look up my past appointments or input any new appointments in my calender as my phone states that I no longer have a calender.

    What led to this was yesterday my phone kept giving me a message that my internal memory was low so in order to make more space I went into my apps to clear the cache as I had seen other people on the forums say this works well. Most apps did not show anything in the cache to clear but plenty of the apps had data that I had the option of clearing. I cleared the data on my calender app because I was not using the stock calender app and thought I would still be able to use my aftermarket calender app.
    Apparently I was wrong.

    Can someone be kind enough to give me their thoughts or has someone else experienced the same issue?

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