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    I've never purchased phone insurance because the cost for one year is just about what a new phone would cost if bought outright. But I was considering it when I get my bionic. A friend told my, however, that you do NOT get a brand new phone, but a refurb phone. If that's the case, why would anyone spend a monthly fee to get someone else's refurb especially when I keep my phones meticulous and am sure the one I get wouldn't be as nice. Can anyone verify please.

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    Right after the phone comes out you MAY get a brand new one as a replacement from vzw. But it is true you will get a refurbished one for future replacements. I have done this on more than one occasion and honestly I have never gotten a phone that I felt was in substandard condition. Now when I cracked the screen on one of my devices I had to go through asurion and from them I got a brand new one.

    You may want to do some more digging through someone at vzw though. I believe the policy has changed since I last had to do either of these things.

    EDIT: And on a side note I didn't realize since I was on tapatalk that you posted this in the members news section. In the future this is more of a general discussion type thread.

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