Phone Insurance on Droid: Huge plus versus iPhone

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    If you are looking for one of the biggest reasons for buying a Droid versus iPhone look no further than the cost of insuring it. Firstly, why insure at all? A natural question we need to address. Simply because Droid and iPhone devices are expensive smartphones. Period. Don't get fooled by the subsidized contract price. Lose the phone or damage it without insurance and you are in for $500 - $700 for replacement. Do it more than once and it becomes a story of expensive mistakes

    Okay, now that the case for phone insurance is made, insuring a Droid for full protection (accidental damage, Lost and Stolen) over 2 years is only $99.99 or just under $4.50 a month, with average deductible of $50 and up to three claims with $1000 per claim. This is based on the Ensquared program being one of the most competitive in the business. For exactly the same coverage on the iPhone also with Ensquared - widely seen as the best program of its kind around - you pay $199 or $17 per month with $150 deductible each time you claim. This is a huge differential in the Droid versus iPhone comparison debate, and provides a primary reason on its own for opting for a Droid every time. In summary: Over two years you save $100 on the premiums over iPhone and assuming 2 claims were made there is a differential of another $200 on deductibles alone in favor of the Droid. Total of $300 better phone insurance value by opting for the Droid. This is often a silent benefit now wide open for all to see
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