Phone hijacked someone elses contacts

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    I was wondering why my phone would have wound up stealing some contacts from my fathers phone? We both have Droid X's, and both work together.

    While riding in the car one day I picked up my phone only to see a bunch of contacts I didn't recognize. Thinking I grabbed the wrong phone, I picked up the other one, which had the same first few contacts. Baffled, I looked back at the first phone closer, and discovered it was my phone, with all my contacts, as well as about half - not all- about half of my fathers contacts in it.

    I dont mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I am begin to suspect foul play of some sort, as I started to have issues (a lot of forced closes, buggs, errors, and all around strange behavior) with my phone AND my computer........could there be software on my electronics to monitor whats going on? My PC slowed down about the same time, and now sometimes in firefox when I click on a link, like say the link to my profile in facebook, it takes me somewhere else, like directly into my gmail account (no joke, this now happens a lot). Other than being a little slow, it seems to have no other problems, and redirects me only to sites that I have been to in the past, like gmail, facebook, my bank website, etc etc... Ever heard of this?
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