phone has signal, but randomly looses 3g and 1x connectivity...

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by schollianmj, Jul 14, 2010.

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    So I have been noticing this more and more... I will look at my phone and it showes 3 or even 4 bars, but neither 3g or 1x is displayed. if I hold the power button and put it into airplane mode (which happens immediately rather than the normal 5 seconds or what not) and then do it again to take it out of plane mode i get my 3g or 1x back and everything works just fine... I am currently using CM6, but have noticed it on BB.4 BB.3, TC Froyo, UD3.0... basically it has been happening for the last month or so....

    has any one else seen this happen? it is not ROM dependent... My installed apps are, Astro, TI backup, beautiful widgets, mini info, rom manager with license, Mixing with license.

    Hlep please? :)
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