Phone dropped/wont boot - Upgrade?

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by pudah, Feb 20, 2011.

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    My phone took a relatively modest drop last night. The screen went black and wouldn't respond. A reboot has the screen coming on, but displaying nothing and the phone otherwise not working. I can not boot to recovery. I am not knowledgeable enough with ADB to know how to connect with that, or see if I even can. I do have it installed and have used it before with instructions. Is there a chance that the phone could be restored that way, or is it DOA? Could I possibly back it up still so it's a very recent image, or also likely no? Any instruction/help would be greatly appreciated. Anything else that I haven't thought of for fixing the phone would also be greatly appreciated. I did try plugging it in to the charger sans battery, and nothing.

    If the phone ends up being dead I may upgrade. I'm not sure yet because I kind of want to wait for my upgrade to use on a good LTE phone, but who knows when they'll have the service available in my area (Milwaukee, WI). I also had my Droid humming along how I wanted it and don't want to upgrade to a phone that can't do the same. I had it rooted and running a ROM to be as close to stock as possible with wireless tether, busybox, overclocking, SPRecovery, and I was running 2.2 without any sort of bloatware or Blur, etc.

    If I were to upgrade, whats the best phone out there that will be able to run 2.3, and be rooted with all of the above features, sans bloatware and a manufacturers interface. Dorid 2, Samsung Fascinate, what do you guys think?
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