Phone calls by itself and SLOWWW wifi...

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    Since the GB update, I have 3 new issues that I didn't have before.
    1.) My phone redials repeatedly after I hang up. If the callee answers and hangs up; it calls again. In 10 minutes, it called my co-worker 23 times from my purse before I noticed it and pulled the battery. And that is the only fix. It doesn't happen often, but any time it happens is too often.
    2.) The wifi no longer wants to connect. Takes forever! I usually have to prompt it to connect even with a great signal.
    3.) The camera chooses "not to initialize; especially while I'm trying to take a picture of something priceless or unrepeatable. I literally have to repeatedly turn the phone off and on before it will work and by then the Kodak moment is lost.
    Any suggestions for any or all my issues? None of these things were problematic before the GB upgrade.

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