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    I posted this in a thread that I thought was relevant (via search), but I realize it was in the Incredible forum. Hopefully someone will be able to help.

    I just installed PdaNet today, so I am just starting my trial period.
    I did an internet speed test on my PC and got 1.78 mbps (down) and .5 mbps (up).
    I am using BitTorrent to download some things and it won't download any faster than 10 kBps - averaging @ < 1 - 2 kBps. It is certainly not the client (my cable was cruising @ > 700kBps - there's got to be something causing my speed to suck.

    I have tried to turn off the "Hide Tether Usage." I have unchecked "Use Google DNS." Neither helped.

    Any ideas?
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