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    I use my X as an MP3 player. Just like my old BB. Despite all of the vast improvements over my old BB (yes I love my X, love it), there is one feature I have found myself missing... a lot. My old BB had the ability to allow me to reassign buttons. And the stock button for the camera I was able to reassign, or remap or whatever term you wish to use, so that it would play/pause the music. No app needed, phone just came that way. Well I have looked high and low. There appears to be no way to do the same thing.

    What would I like?

    I would like the ability to change the assignment of one of the hard buttons (when the screen is locked) into a play/pause button. Preferably without rooting the phone.

    For all of the things my Droid Does, is this simple task too much to ask?

    I realize that if I try to unlock the phone, there is a short cut that I can use to pause, next track/last track. But this turns what should be simple matter of pressing one button into a gesture that requires multiple buttons and the need to either take the phone out of my pocket or take my eyes off of the road in order to press a button and then make sure I am pressing the right button in the middle of the screen. I know this sounds like a very minor thing to others, and I will admit it is not a deal breaker. But there are times when I really shouldn't need to do anything more than just use my hand to find a button, press it to stop the music, then press it again to start it back up.

    Thank you
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