Paranoid Android Is Now Supported For Legacy Devices!

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    Paranoid Android has never supported a lengthy list of devices. Recently they have only supported Nexus and Oppo devices. Plenty of other devices have received Paranoid Android via unofficial ports. Today Paranoid Android decided to spread their wings and fly on to a whole new list of devices. They will now officially support a long list of legacy devices. This is great news because most OEMs do not support their devices past the first update. Many of the devices on the list of newly supported devices are still running ice cream sandwhich or jelly bean and would otherwise never see Kit Kat. The list of newly supported devices is lengthy but Paranoid Android is also looking for developers who can help support even more devices. Hopefully PA will eventually support as many devices as CM and AOKP. Some notable devices include the Droid DNA, Galaxy S3 all us variants, LG G2, One X, Galaxy S, Optimus G, Galaxy S2, Note 3, Note 2, MotoX, Galaxy Note, and many more! Head to the link below for the download links.

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