Parallel Kingdom - my crack substitute!

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What do you think of the game?

  1. Wow, Shibbey nailed it! no more crack needed, just PK!

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  2. Great game, but not my thing.

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  3. Could be better.

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  4. Pfft! did not like it!

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  1. Shibbey

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    PerBlue has just released the latest update to Parallel Kingdom, adding tons of new features. My addiction is in full swing!

    Parallel Kingdom website

    My profile

    Give it a shot! Think you battery life sucks now? You will be buying backups in a heart beat or be plugged in 24-7 to play this game! Too addicting!

    If you do start playing, after the tutorial, it will ask for a referral code. Use "ffbte" I will do my best to assist in any way possible or have one of my friends help you get going.

    If you already play, join my Kingdom. We are looking for good people to recruit and kingdom members are encouraged to help each other and work together to accomplish common goals.

    Another note, I have level 3 cartography, bring me supplies, and I will make the new items for you.
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