Pandora's Phone. please help me!

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by psion0027, Dec 22, 2011.

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    here's my bad luck story:
    it all started when i was sitting at my computer eating a bowl of salad. Blah blah blah... i wanna root my droid.
    Great! lets jump right in!! do a little bit of research and download a thing called "DroidXRoot". YAY!
    ok so i plug it in, turn it on, push start, and my droid is rooted.

    [one week later]

    i do more research and now i decide i want to install liberty. BOOM! I failed. got stuck on the liberty splash screen.
    so restore the phone to the factory reset. and what do i do next? Try it again. And once again i failed miserably.
    but something is different... i try to do the factory reset, but it still boots into the liberty splash screen. Now I'm scared.
    I don't know what to do. Nobody on the internet seems to have this same problem. Finally after searching for a while
    I find a program called RSD Lite. So i decide to give it a try. IT WORKS!!! I'm soo relieved. maybe i should leave my phone
    alone for a while, it's been through alot.

    [three days later]

    I decide to root my phone so i can at least use Titanium. So I fire up DroidXRoot and do what it says. But wait... when it restarts
    the phone, it shows the Liberty splash screen. Terrified as i watch that eagle eerily spinning, haunting me, as i was scared of what
    might happen next, or worse, what might never happen. I'm sure somebody in the high heavens loves me. Because just as i was
    about to pull the battery and reboot the phone, it finishes the boot process. DroidXRoot comes up with a message: "Root
    was Successful" or something like that. "That was easy." I get Titanium and open the app. "nope this thing isn't rooted".
    type something in terminal emulator: "nope! you cant do anything". so i try OneClickRoot root the phone: Root was Successful"
    but... nothing still works.

    can somebody please tell me what im doing wrong?
  2. MrFumblesTheDroid69

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    This is an old post but I assume you may still need help.
    1st. Get root checker or see if you have the Superuser app in your app drawer (that means you have root haha)
    2nd. If you don't have root I would rsd (again) to your choice of android system ( if you sbf to 2.2 I believe you can root easily using z4root, I sure do miss that)
    3rd. Root your phone (plenty of online guides)
    4. Next time you flash a rom go into clockwork mod (Google it)

    Good luck and happy flashing

    Sent from my Droid X that has been Liberated, Sent through a Vortex, and is currently Cyanogen-ized to the 7th power.
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