Overclocking my galaxy nexus!!

Discussion in 'Galaxy Nexus Development' started by ksaul, Jan 25, 2012.

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    So I recently rooted my Galaxy Nexus and other than using WidgetLocker I haven't done anything to my phone to take advantage of my root and SU privileges.
    This is my first phone that I have done this too so this is all a major learning curve which brings me to my question(s):

    (1) Can the phones memory be over locked?
    [If yes....] What are the factory Memory Times and what is a safe level to overclock them to - and How?

    (2) What is the factory setting for the processor and what is a safe and efficient overclocked setting?
    Is the Highest (but again safe and efficient) level a noticeable change?

    (3) Overclocking the GPU can reach a maximum setting of 512Mhz (correct?)
    What is the default setting for the GPU and is overclocking the GPU to the highest (but "safest" & efficient) level noticeable and worth the trouble?

    (4) How do I overclock my phone?
    I know that (probably) a kernel replacement is going to be the answer to this question but I was wondering if maybe there is a script I could run in recovery console or terminal, whatever...instead of replacing the entire kernel.
    If the kernel is the only way, does this effect future ICS system updates?
    What is the best (most stable, most features, best for overclocking) kernel for ICS/GalaxyNexus? - I dont know poop about kernels.

    (4a) with the kernel loaded, what apps do I need to snatch from the market to actually overclock my Galaxy Nexus? Try to recommend free ones please =P

    (5) Since I am replacing the Kernel, should I dive in 100% and flash a ROM too?
    Yes?: what is the best (very very stable, fast, efficient, tweakable) ROM out there for GNexus?
    do roms do anything to assist in the overclocking process?
    The only reason I would consider a ROM too is because I want Wifi/USB Tethering, Facebook contact syncing, and a few other things.. but only if there are overclocking tools too!
    Does flashing a ROM eliminate myself from ICS updates(pretty sure the answer is yes)??

    (6) I am currently on a stock kernel and "rom" (if u couldn't tell...) but I am rooted and using Launcher Pro (free version) and I am happy with it but out of the other launchers which is the best (fastest, easy to use, customisable)?
    If I flash a custom ROM will a custom launcher be necessary or do they cone with tweaked launchers?

    I had other questions but I can't think of it right now, I'll update the OP and thread if I think of anymore. Thank you so much community members for taking time to answer these questions!!!
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    Perhaps it is doable, but I doubt it would be worth it. Purely speculating here though.

    Factory settings according to Fabolous

    Safe and efficient setting depends on what your phone can handle. No two phones are exactly alike, so they all handle different voltages and speeds differently. The safest voltage is the stock voltage, anything less than that can cause problems. Safest speed is stock speeds, anything more can cause problems. More than likely you will be able to undervolt and/or overclock safely. I don't mean this as if you undervolt slightly your phone will explode, I mean this as problems can crop up with undervolting or overclocking. Slowdowns, heat production, force closes, random reboots, and more.

    Efficiency is tied to the problems above. In theory the lower the voltage the less heat produced and less battery consumed. In reality, since processors are very different, if you drop the voltage to an unstable voltage for your chip, then you can make your processor work harder. What happens basically is that your processor isn't getting enough juice to function properly, and that creates errors. Which this creates the slowdowns, heat, FCs, reboots...etc that I mentioned above.

    The GPU's stock speed is 307MHz. There are some that have pushed the GPU to 384MHz, which is what the chip can do in theory. I have seen folks that have pushed it to 512MHz, I have no clue how stable this is though. This really will only matter in games.

    4) You will probably want to change kernels if you want to get to tinkering with overclocking and undervolting, especially if you want to OC the GPU (I believe this requires a new kernel).

    Changing kernels doesn't mess with updates in itself, you can still receive them. But you will lose your kernel in the update process, also you will lose root, and quite possibly anything you have done since rooted (themes, recovery, bloatware removal, adblocking). There should be rooted stock versions of the update released prior to them getting pushed to our devices anyhow (like 4.0.3 now).

    There is no best kernel, as mentioned above different ones run different for everyone. Different ones can even run different for different ROMs. Different kernels have different features.

    4a) SetCPU is probably one of the more popular ones, but there are a lot of other alternatives. Some ROMs have this functionality built in.

    Should you ROM that is a personal question. Some folks don't like custom ROMs for various reasons, others love them. You could always try some out, worst thing that will happen is you wasted some time finding out you prefered stock.
    There is no best ROM, regardless of what anyone tells you. They all have different features, looks, and performance. They sometimes add their own quirks as well. Wifi/USB tethering can be done without a custom ROM.
    Blocking updates depends on if the ROM dev blocked it or not, I would guess most would block them. Generally custom ROMs are on the newest version well before it gets pushed to devices. 4.0.3 has been out in ROM form for well over a month. If you want to stay stock but rooted, there should be stock rooted offerings out there.

    Launchers is subjective as well. ADW and Go Launcher are quite popular as well. For the ICS crowd there are newer offerings, Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher, both taking the stock ICS Launcher and adding functionality to it. There are different launchers like Launcher 7 and Sweeterhome (no clue if either of those work with ICS). SPB Shell also has some fans. There are a ton of others out there depending on your setup and preference, no one is the best for everyone though. Some custom ROMs do come with tweaked launchers. If you don't like it, or it is missing a feature you desire, you can use a different one.
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